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Startseite Fire Safety Heat and Water Detectors Radio Interconnectable Water Detector WA02F

Radio Interconnectable Water Detector WA02F

  • Radio interconnectable water detector, warns when in contact with water
  • For kitchen, bathroom, basement etc.
  • Sensor at the bottom side
  • With 70 dB(A) warning buzzer and acoustic battery warning
  • Bi-directional radio system: built-in transmitter and receiver, no control panel required
  • Number of detectors is unlimited
  • Radio range 100 m in open space
  • 16 radio channels
  • Supplied incl. 9 V Duracell battery


Technical Data

Technical Data:

  • Sensor: at the bottom side
  • Warning sound: 70 dB(A) at 1 m distance
  • LED: transmission / reception
  • Battery: incl. DURACELL 9 V block battery
  • Battery lifetime: min. 1 year
  • Radio range: 434.33 MHz
  • Radio coding: 16 possibilities (code "0" with priority)
  • Number of interconnectable units: unlimited within the radio range
  • Radio range: up to approx. 100 m in open space, depending on building structure and local radio conditions
  • Temperature range: + 1° to + 45° C
  • Colour: white
  • Dimensions: Ø 92 x 30 mm





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