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Startseite Safety at Home Electronic Watchdog Electronic Watchdog EW01

Electronic Watchdog EW01

Effective Deterrence of Potential Intruders

  • Simulates the presence of a guard dog
  • Consists of signal unit with the 17 cm high performance speaker and remote control
  • The special sensor detects movements through the wall and triggers a realistic barking sound
  • Loudness and sensor sensitivity can be adjusted
  • Barking sound, chime or siren sound selectable
  • Can be extended by a second remote control MA 80 R and by max. 6 pcs. MA 80 P / MA 80 KM


The signal unit is positioned inside the object, next to the place that is to be secured (e. g. entrance door, French window, basement door, window) and switched on with a button on the signal unit or with the remote control. The sensor integrated in the signal unit reacts to movements outside the object in front of the exterior wall (e. g. a person approaching the entrance door) and triggers a barking sound. Alternatively, a chime or a siren sound can be set. For more security when you are at home, the siren sound can be triggered any time by pressing the panic button on the remote control.


Package Contents

Package Contents:

  • signal unit
  • mains adapter
  • remote control incl. battery
  • fixing material
  • warning sticker


The following optional components can be enrolled to the signal unit: 

1 x additional wireless remote control MA80R


6 x wireless detectors (door contact MA80KM / motion detector MA80P)

The wireless components are battery-operated and installation-free. Each wireless component comes with a unique 10 bit coding. This coding is automatically taught to the EW 01 by simply pressing a button. If the wireless detectors are triggered (MA 80 KM: a door or window is opened, MA 80 P: a movement is detected), while the signal unit is armed, the signal unit will react as follows:

Barking mode: barking sound for 10 sec.
Chime mode: 2 x "ding dong"
Siren mode: siren sound for 20 sec.


Technical data

Technical Data:

Signal Unit EW01A

  • power supply: 12 V DC from supplied mains adapterEW 01 hinten
  • backup batteries: 8 x LR6 AA (not supplied)
  • sensor: microwave
  • detection range: max. 7 m (in open space)
  • wireless receiver: 433.92 MHz
  • speaker performance: max. 5 W
  • siren sound duration: max. 20 sec.
  • max. loudness: approx. 105 dB(A)/30cm +/- 5 dB
  • warm-up period: approx. 60 sec.
  • operating temperature: 0° to + 40° C
  • dimensions: approx. 158 x 173 x 116 mm
  • weight: 916 g


Remote Control EW01B:

  • power supply: 3 V battery, CR 2032 (supplied)
  • frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • radio range: max. 20 m (in open space)
  • coding: already taught to the signal unit
  • operating temperature: 0° to + 40° C
  • dimensions: approx. 38 x 69 x 7 mm
  • weight: 18 g

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