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Startseite CCTV Wireless CCTV Digital Wireless A/V Sender System DF120

Digital Wireless A/V Sender System DF120

Watch TV from wherever you want: without cable and plugs

  • Wireless transmission through ceilings and walls without degradation
  • Real-time transmission of analogue video and stereo audio signals (25 frames/sec.)
  • Can be used with common household A/V appliances with analogue input/output (e. g. a cable or satellite receiver, DVD player/recorder, VCR, camcorder or projector) and CCTV cameras
  • Max. range of the wireless signal is up to 100 m (open space) and 20 m (within buildings)
  • Tap-proof and interference-free through digital transmission with frequency hopping
  • Transmits also signals of an infrared remote control to control the A/V source device
  • Set can also be used as a repeater




The transmitter receives an analogue A/V signal from A/V source device (e. g. a DVD player) and converts it to digital wireless signals. These digital signals are transmitted in the 2.4 GHz frequency band to receiver, which converts them back to analogue A/V signal.

The receiver can also convert the signals of the infrared remote control of the source device to a wireless signal and transmit it to the transmitter, which relays the infrared signal to the A/V source device. Therefore, it is possible to watch for example SAT-TV in a room without a wired SAT connection and to control the SAT receiver or TV using the original infrared remote control.


Package Contents

Package contents:

  • Transmitter DF120TX
  • Receiver DF120RX
  • 2 x connection cables with cinch plugs
  • 2 x mains adapter 5 V DC

Technical Data

Technical Data:

  • Operating voltage: max. 5 V DC (mains adapter)
  • Current consumption: TX 400 mA / RX 300 mA
  • Radio frequency: 2402 - 2480 MHz
  • Video signal: 1 Vp-p / 75 Ohm
  • Audio signal mono: 1 Vp-p / 600 Ohm
  • Max. resolution: 720 x 576 pixel, D1 (like DVD resolution)
  • Frame rate: max. 25 frames / second
  • Radio range: max. 100 - 200 m (open space)
  • Modulation: BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM
  • Operating temperature: -10° C bis +50° C
  • Dimensions without antenna: 100 x 89 x 27 mm


Application Area:

The digital wireless transmission is an ideal solution if it is not possible to bridge the distance between A/V source device and TV or monitor with a cable, for example because the cable cannot be mounted out of sight or there are no electric lines. It is equally well suited for entertainment electronics as for CCTV.









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