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Startseite Fire Safety Water Detectors Water Detector WA03

Water Detector WA03

wassermelder wasseralarm wa-03 wa-01

  • Detects leaking water of e. g. washing machines, dishwashers or water pipes
  • Also monitors the contents of e. g. a bathtub
  • Consists of a detector unit and a sensor
  • Warns with a loud alarm sound or with a melody (switchable)
  • External sensor with suction cup for optimal positioning
  • Alarm unit can be put down or hung up
  • Acoustic battery warning


Package Contents

Package Contents:

  • Alarm unit with 1 m connecting cable with attached sensor
  • Fixing screws with plugs

Technical Data

Technical Data:

  • Battery: 9 V E block battery (alkaline)
  • Battery warning: acoustical
  • Acoustic signal: warning sound (approx. 98 dB(A)),
    melody (approx. 90 dB(A))
  • Dimensions: 56 x 104 x 24 mm
  • Connection cable: 1m
  • Weight: 65 g






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